Sunset view on a beach in Cape Verde

Cape Verde

The trip to Sal, Cape Verde was a surprise of experiences. The island of Sal has great beaches and amazing food. Cape Verde should be on everyone’s bucketlist!

The Maldives

In the Maldives we saw the best of all worlds: the local one, the dream one, the underwater one. The Maldives is the closest we can get to paradise on Earth.

Colloseum view from the Roman Forum, Rome


My first flight ever was to Rome. And it was also the first time I got lost while traveling. Read more about Italy’s treasure that made me start this place.

Chisinau Cathedral

Chisinau – Moldavia

When I was 16, I left to Chisinau, Moldavia. Read about how I lost a colleague on the way, how train wheels are changed, and how we “poisoned” a police dog…

Digital art museum - a good place to spend a day if you go to Japan in November

Why travel stories?

Why do I write travel stories? Mostly because I wanted to have the option to be honest about my travel experiences and I enjoy hearing a genuine story.

Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

Munich: the story

The trip to Munich showed me the best or Bavaria: great people, beautiful scenery, and an amazing new world. But the gift I got in Germany was the best part…

Brandenburg gate in Berlin, Germany


Our trip to Berlin, Germany was eye-opening. One cannot go here without learning the (hi)story of a nation. The old and new Berlin will surprise any traveler.

The old cathedral in Prague


Prague is all about stories and history. Read this story to find out more about Prague in WW2, bombings made by mistake and the museum of an extinct race.

Inside a metro station in Stockholm


Our trip to Stockholm was full of first times. Read here what do the Nobel prizes, H&M and reindeers have in common, but also learn to relax the Swedish way.