If you’re thinking of going to Japan and have no idea where to start, this is your go-to spot for all the information you’ll need. Check out all the valuable information in this Japan travel guide and prepare for your amazing trip.

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About Japan

Location and geography

This gorgeous archipelago is located in what most of us call The Far East. This makes it one of the first countries to see the sunrise every day. The country has a varied climate during the year, which makes it great to visit for all sorts of activities.

There is virtually nothing you cannot do in Japan. You can go to a beach, you can go skiing, can visit temples and shrines, you can sing in a karaoke bar all night, have dinner with a geisha, or soak in a hot spring with snow monkeys. What’s not to love about this country?

Currency & costs

The official currency in Japan is the Japanese Yen, and there are still plenty of places where you will pay mostly in cash. Of course, credit cards are accepted as well in most places, but keep some cash at hand at all times to be sure you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

The costs can vary based on a series of factors: where are you staying (big-name hotels or local inns), what activities you do, and what type of amenities you want to enjoy. A big expense will be transportation, but everything else can be found at very decent prices. Check out my entry fees pdf below, it will help you plan your budget better.

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Visa & customs

Almost everyone that arrives in Japan can get a visa on arrival, thus making it an easy destination to get to. You will, of course, need to look into your specific situation, as visa requirements often depend on your citizenship.

Local culture

The Japanese people are some of the nicest ones you will ever know. They’re kind and generous and will help you if you need it, no matter the situation. Still, you have to be aware of some local customs you need to abide by.

They are very aware of the people around them, and they offer great respect to everyone around them. So, be mindful of your behavior in public spaces. Don’t speak loudly in crowded places, don’t speak on your phone in public transportation, and learn how to use public transportation with ease so you don’t bother everyone. You can read more interesting things to know before traveling to Japan in my dedicated blog post.

Useful resources for your trip to Japan

While you will find more helpful resources in my packing list for Japan, I want to point out a few very helpful ones here as well. You can also download my pdf packing list so you have it ready to go.

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Japan Travel Guide – blog posts

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