Do you love traveling but always struggle to set up the plan?​

Trello board travel planner - best gift ofr a travelling couple
Do you always forget something when planning your vacation?
Are you tired of making the same packing lists over and over again?
Imagine if all of your trips would be neatly organized for you to start planning.
Imagine having all the information you need in one place, and being able to even interact with the resources.
Imagine having fun while planning your vacation.

Doesn’t it sound appealing? If it does, then look no more. Allow me to introduce…


The digital trip planner that’s going to give you ALL the information you need to plan your trip.

Trello - general presentation

This board has been intensively used by me, so it’s not only tried and tested but also full of helpful information.

It contains the most helpful lists and cards, but also tips and helpful resources (some of them are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase I might make a small commission at no extra cost for you).

It also contains lists for all types of trips plus pre-filled and empty cards for your convenience.

This digital travel planner includes lists for:

  • Organizing tasks – who does what
  • Research your destination
  • To do checklists – before, during, and after the trip
  • Accommodation options
  • Budgeting items
  • Documents and safety measures
  • Packing lists – prefilled and empty options
  • Eat & drink ideas
  • About the destination
  • Day-by-day plan
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Trello - devices
Trello - resources

About Trello

Used worldwide in companies to follow progress on projects and tasks, Trello is so versatile that you can use it for virtually anything.

  • House chores? Yes, you can use Trello to organize them.
  • Learning a new skill? Sure, make a plan in Trello and follow it more easily.
  • Want to budget so you can spend more money traveling? You bet there’s a Trello template you can use just for that!


  • Trello is free to use
  • Templates are reusable
  • You can add people to help
  • Have all the information in one place
  • Modify per your needs (which may differ from trip to trip)
  • Syncs across devices
  • It’s VERY easy to use

What are you waiting for?

Start planning your holiday today!

Buy now for just $5!