It's not about the destination, it's the journey that's important

Catania – Sicily
Catania is an iconic town in Italy. Its Sicilian vibe is made out of delicious food, funny people and lively history. Catania has to be seen at least once!
Wrocław is a beautiful surprise. This Polish town is full of great people, amazing food and made us feel like home. Wrocław is a must-do experience for anyone.
Our trip to Basel was the one that changed our lives forever. That's why I'm able to write all these guides about Switzerland. But Basel remains my first love.
Indonesia is the trip of a lifetime. Read here the full story about Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Ubud, Gili and Kuta. Find out why Indonesia is more than just Bali.
London is such a special place. It's big, alive, and full of history but also crowded and international. No matter who you are, you'll find a place in London.
Athens was an adventure in so many ways: it's fun, messy, weird and crazy. But the Greek capital city is the best place to try this. I'll always have Athens!
Story in Bulgaria
As a Romanian, I have a few stories in Bulgaria. Read about how we almost lost our car, the Bulgarian seaside, awesome team buildings and skiing in Bulgaria.