Samsonite backpack review – Samsonite Vectura Evo vs. XBR

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I have always been the backpack type of person, never being able to travel with just a purse for my valuables. And while most of my life I didn’t care about how I looked while doing so, once I started to have a chance to fly in Business Class, I had to look into something classier than my years-old backpack from college. Thanks to this, I can now offer you this Samsonite backpack review where I have included a comparison between two of their models: the XBR and Samsonite Vectura Evo.

My whole life I have looked up to people who were carrying a laptop bag in their hand while rolling a suitcase with the other. It made them look…distinguished. Little did I know that probably all of them secretly wished they had at least one free hand and they probably wished they were me, the ripped jeans and sporty backpack little girl.

And it has always seemed like there’s no way to win. You either travel in style and look elegant, or you choose comfort and you stop caring about how you look. But what if, hear me out, you won’t have to choose? What if you can look nice AND be able to use your hands while in the airport?

This is where the Business line of Samsonite backpacks comes to play. They have plenty of solutions for every type of traveler, like wheeled backpacks, anti-theft backpacks, or even a line for day-to-day use. But the XBR and Vectura Evo backpacks are the best of most worlds: you can use them while traveling, they look great, and have all the cool features you might want.

All of my life I have never understood the point of paying a little bit more for a quality product. I would always say “This cheaper version is the same but cheaper”. Well, it’s never quite true though, is it? The cheaper version never really looks the same, works the same, or lasts the same. More often, all three apply.

So let me be straight with you. I know this product is far from being the budget option. I also know it has plenty of benefits, but ultimately it is your decision if it’s a good fit for you or not. In the end, you will be the one to use it. So check out this short list and see if you fit the bill.

One note for the US of American reader: these two models might not be available where you are, as far as I could tell from my research. They are widely available in Europe, but for some reason, they’re not so spread in the US. What you can do is either buy a similar model, like the Samsonite PRO or find a different one that suits you. While my review will be useless for you in terms of features, it will still be relevant in terms of the quality of the product and the ease of use. I can definitely see similarities between the two models as they have the same standard of quality the company cares about.

Samsonite backpack review - XBR vs Vectura Evo backpacks - Front view

A Samsonite backpack is for you if:

  • you have a mid-range budget to travel
  • you like to look attractive while traveling
  • you like being able to use your hands instead of carrying a laptop bag
  • you like a high-quality product that will last for what seems like forever
  • you travel for work and need to look presentable
  • you like organizing everything neatly
  • you sometimes travel just for one or two days
  • you want a day-to-day backpack – both models work for day-to-day use as well

A Samsonite backpack is NOT for you if:

  • your need to fit a lot of stuff in your backpack
  • you prefer to have a monolith type of packing – one bag, one compartment
  • you are focused on being especially comfortable looking while traveling
  • you are very budget-conscious
  • you need plenty of straps on your backpack for your gear
  • you are the sporty type that travels accordingly

This is the first time I am impressed with a backpack. What can impress you so much when it comes to a bag with two straps, am I right? Well, once you grow older, you start to appreciate some nice touches here and there as well. You start to learn how to pack like a normal person, you start to appreciate a high-quality item for a change.

Also, I like that you can use it for a short trip of one or two days, without needing anything else. It easily fits all of your electronics (laptop, tablet/eReader, power bank, phone, maybe even a small camera), one or two changes of clothes, some toiletries, and all the needed documents. Hell, it even has a glasses hook and a water compartment!

What I love the most about this backpack: all the compartments! I am a neat freak and like to pack like a Lego maniac. So all the pockets and compartments make me happy, as I can be organized with minimal effort. Also, the fact that I can mount it on a rolling suitcase makes it super easy to carry around in a crowded airport.

This is just a small part of all the cool things these backpacks are good for. Check out the benefits and features below, for both models!

Samsonite backpack review - Side view of both XBR and Vectura Evo backpacks

Samsonite XBR backpack review – benefits

  • very easy to carry around, even for a long time
  • water-resistant to keep your valuables safe
  • very durable, will last for longer
  • very light so they’re easy for anyone to use
  • look effortlessly beautiful and elegant
  • have plenty of pockets for easy organizing
  • everything is high quality (fabrics, zips, handles), for a distinctive look
  • Samsonite offers a warranty for 2-10 years or even a lifetime for some products
  • available in a wide range of sizes for various laptop types
  • fit all your electronics with ease
  • can be used together with any rolling suitcase, especially the B-lite Spinner

Samsonite XBR backpack review – features

  • plenty of pockets:
    • one pocket with laptop and tablet compartments
    • one pocket for your other stuff (can fit necessities for 1-2 days)
    • one pocket for things to keep at hand
      • credit card compartment
      • small electronics compartment
      • mesh compartment
      • writing utensils compartment
      • zippered compartment
    • water bottle compartment
    • hidden money compartment
  • has a pocket that can be used to fit the backpack on any rolling suitcase
  • the laptop pocket can open 180 degrees
  • has a volume of 29 L and weighs 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) so very lightweight
  • made out of soft fabric so it cannot be broken easily
  • a padded top handle and shoulder straps for comfortable use

Samsonite XBR backpack – disadvantages

There are also a few disadvantages that I would like to include in this Samsonite backpack review as well, as I believe in honest reviews (maybe the website name was an indication for that, right?). If you see that any of these things are high on your priority list, do yourself a favor and look for a different product.

For petite people like myself, the backpack is a bit bulky compared to what I’m used to. It’s hard not to be, considering how much it can fit. It’s alright for my husband though, and he’s not very tall and strongly built either, but he also considers it bulky if he has our Chilly water bottle attached as well.

Some features I’m missing are some embedded charging stations for all of our devices and some sort of anti-theft system. Samsonite has two other products that have these features, but I think they could be easily integrated into this model as well, which would make it even cooler. You can, of course, use a power bank with a cable and a normal padlock for your backpack, but this is just a workaround and we all know it.

Another thing to consider is that due to its robust design, it cannot be folded when not in use, so it will take up your space at home. You can use this space to deposit your packing cubes and other toiletry bags, but you’ll have to keep it in mind if you have limited storage space available.

And last, but not least, it doesn’t come in multiple colors. For me this is a non-issue, as my middle name is “but does it come in black?”, but I have heard that other people kind of like colors, for some reason. Keep this in mind if you are one of these people.

Samsonite Vectura Evo backpack review – features

  • plenty of pockets
    • one pocket with laptop and tablet compartments
    • one pocket for your other stuff (can fit necessities for 1 day)
      • separated area to the back of the backpack
      • mesh pocket with a zipper
      • small compartments for cards, keys, and other small items
    • one pocket to keep things at hand
      • zippered mesh pocket
      • compartments for credit cards, pens, small electronics
    • external pockets: to the front and side of the backpack (the side one perfectly fist a passport)
    • water bottle compartment
  • has a special sleeve to fit the backpack on any rolling suitcase
  • has multiple openings and even a USB port for charging cables and headphones
  • has a volume of 22 L and weighs 2 lbs (0.9 kg) so very lightweight
  • made out of soft fabric so it cannot be broken easily
  • a padded top handle and shoulder straps for comfortable use

Samsonite Vectura Evo backpack – disadvantages

Ok, let’s keep this short and sweet. The Vectura Evo is smaller than the XBR, so it will come with all the disadvantages (and benefits) of its smaller size. If you’re a minimalistic packer, you can probably squeeze everything you need for a 1-2 day trip, but really nothing more.

While the cables and opening for headphones are a cool touch, there are fewer internal pockets this time, especially for electronics. It can safely fit a rather large laptop and a tablet though so probably this is enough for most people.

At the very beginning when we started using it, it had an issue in that one of the handles was always getting bigger while wearing it. VERY annoying! For some reason, it’s not happening anymore, and I have no idea why. We haven’t changed anything to the adjustments or buckles, it just “got fixed”. I never believe in things like this so I’m just as surprised as you are, but hey, if it works, it ain’t broken!

This is all regarding the disadvantages of this model. It’s a great day-to-day backpack, and easy to integrate with other luggage for longer trips, and it’s nice that you can be completely connected to any piece of tech you have with you.

Samsonite backpack review - Side view of both XBR and Vectura Evo backpacks

Samsonite backpack review – the takeaway

What more can I add to this Samsonite XBR backpack review? If it was not already clear by now, I love it! My world has been rocked since I discovered that you can be organized while traveling, and look nice while doing so. If you would like to do the same, what are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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