Romantic travel gifts – The perfect gifts for travel couples in 2024

Searching for romantic travel gifts for travel couples? Whether it’s for a wedding, housewarming party, or just a couple of friends you love, these are the best gifts for traveling couples that they’ll love.

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If you’re in a hurry and would love an easy solution, check out my Etsy “Gifts for traveling couples” favorites list. It contains the best hand-picked travel gifts for couples and can give you a good overview of your options.

Subscriptions and gift cards for travelling couples

We have learned lately that nothing is sure anymore. For this reason, gift cards and subscriptions are one of the best gift ideas for anyone, not only couples, as the receiver can decide by themselves how and when to use them. Check out these options from Amazon, and some more personal options below!

Get Your Guide

Selling tours, day trips, and experiences all around the globe, Get Your Guide also offers you the opportunity to give your loved ones a gift card with a pre-selected or custom amount of money.


Maybe it’s a bit out there, but hear me out. Instead of giving anyone just plain stuff, why not give them an experience instead? More importantly, why not allow them to choose the experience?

One other option would be for you to plan a trip for them. I know, it sounds complicated, but I swear you can totally do it. You just need to do the following:

Dollar Flight Club

With a wide offer of services, DFC is mostly known for sending you very cheap flight options from your chosen airport(s) straight to your inbox.

Priority Pass

A more elegant brother of Lounge Pass, this membership offers access to more than 1300 lounges all over the world. This membership will be put to very good use.

Jack’s Flight Club​

This cool subscription-based service enables you to fly for next to nothing by sending you hundreds of tips for cheap flights, based on your needs. How cool is this?

Romantic travel gifts for couples

There are hundreds of options when it comes to gifts for couples who travel, and it’s SO hard to decide on just one or two items. Check out the options below and choose your favorite!

Travel fund box - gift for traveling couples

Travel Fund Box

This cool box can be ordered as it is or with a matching scrapbook and can be personalized as needed. I think this is the best wedding gift for travelers!

Matching luggage tags

Luggage Tags​

These beautiful handmade custom luggage tags are the perfect wedding gift for couples that travel as they’re gorgeous, very practical, yet affordable.

Matching passport covers

Passport Covers​

These luxurious-looking passport covers can be ordered in various colors and personalized as wished, but they don’t hold the price tag of a highly branded name.

Souvenir key rings

Key Rings

The keyrings made by this seller are a statement piece that not only looks gorgeous but also fights for some pretty cool causes. Check out their products and choose!​

Keepsake box - a great reminder of the couple's trips

Keepsake Box​

A beautiful way to keep souvenirs and remember your trips is to have a dedicated place for them. You can customize the box and you can be sure they will love it!​

Personalized spice rack - house warming gift for travel couples

Spice Rack​

A cool way to remember your trips is to cook something specific to that place. When doing so, having spices from all over the world definitely helps.

Scratch map

Scratch Off Map​

A pretty nice gift for Valentine’s Day is this scratch-off map that becomes a beautiful wall art when used. It’s a pretty couple travel gift and also budget-friendly.​

Travel journal - cool travel gift

Travel Journal​

Remembering your moments together is a heartwarming way of celebrating love, am I right? This is when this awesome travel journal comes in handy…​

Travel themed photo frame

Photo Frame​

If there’s one thing you know about couples, is that most of them love to have pictures together. This makes a travel-themed photo frame a perfect gift for couples who travel.​

Travel Challenges​

There’s nothing more exciting than a well-chosen challenge, am I right? Check out this pack of travel challenges (couples edition) and have some fun!​

Photo album - a great wedding gift for travel couples

Photo Album​

Choosing wedding gifts for traveling couples? Consider a gorgeous personalized photo album and choose what you think will fit best in their living room or bedroom. ​

Adult coloring book

Coloring Books

No one loves a boring long flight back home, am I right? A cool way to overcome this is by having a nice activity to do, like coloring this travel-insipired book.​

Magnetic chess set - fun gift for travel couples

Magnetic Chess Game​

True “Queen’s Gambit” fans will adore this gift! It’s nice and fun for all of those moments spent inside on a trip because of a rainy day no one was expecting.​

Matching Travel Themed Jewelry - Gift for couples that travel a lot

Travel Inspired Jewelry​

These beautifully designed rings are a statement piece that any couple who loves traveling will be a fan of. Check out their prices and options below!​

Gift for travel couples - matching T-shirts

Matching Travel Clothing​

If you think this is cheesy, you are most definitely right. But they are cute as hell and will be appreciated by the right people, at the right time.​ So if you know them, there ya go!

Matching jewelry boxes

Customized Jewelry Boxes​

These beautiful jewelry boxes can be customized per your needs when it comes to colors and names. A perfect fit for any type of couple, don’t you think?​

Travel themed coasters

Travel Themed Coasters​

These beautifully designed coasters are the perfect housewarming gift for a couple that travels often, as they will make them happy every day.​

Christmas ornaments - perfect Christmas gifts for travel couples

Travel Christmas Ornaments​

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for the travel couple in your life, look no more! You have found the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts!​

Mug with travel themed message

Travel Inspired Mugs​

A budget-friendly present that they’ll use every day while at home, these coffee mugs are nicely decorated and come gift-wrapped as well.​

Home decoration travel pillow - one of the best romantic travel gifts

Travel Throw Pillow​

If you know they love home decoration pillows (and you can usually tell by looking in their home), they will surely adore this throw pillow! ​

Home decoration sundial

Sundial Compass Gift​

This beautifully designed decoration item is perfect for any traveler in your life, not only for travel couples you may know. Check it out!​

Ultimate Journeys for 2

This adventure-filled book is a great gift idea for any traveling couple as they will surely find useful information in this National Geographic classic.​

100 drives, 5000 ideas​

A must-have for any couple who loves road trips, this book provides plenty of ideas. I’m not even sure they’ll need anything else after they get this.

Journeys of a lifetime

If you’re not sure they have enough ideas for their future trips, give them this book that’s guaranteed to offer a solution to this very important problem.

Practical & Useful Gifts for Traveling Couples​

Sometimes, you can afford to spend more on a gift. Sometimes, you can afford less, but your will to give is what matters. But more importantly, sometimes you just want to give people around you something that they’ll use and appreciate every single day. Here are the best gifts for traveling couples you can choose for a practical approach.

Packing Cubes​

I know, I know, who gives anyone packing cubes? The most boring thing to give is a pretty desired present, as it helps with easier packing and organizing.​

Water Bottle

If they don’t have a water bottle by now, please give them one as soon as possible. It’s such a good investment at a pretty decent price point, and it even has options:​

Cable Organizer​

Since we all have more and more gadgets nowadays, we have even more cables we need to carry around. Check out these cable organizer bags that make it easy!​


There’s a saying in the aviation world: the only person who treats your luggage nicely is yourself. This is why having good quality suitcases is an investment worth doing.​

Eye Masks​

These sleep masks are a great idea if you’re on a budget and want something that looks nice and customizable. The color options are not that many, but I’m sure you can find a good fit.​

Laundry Bags​

I love products that come with options, as you can make a gift more unique without putting too much effort into it. ​And yes, fights over laundry are quite common in all couples!

Pillow & Socks Bundle

There’s nothing worse after a 12-hour flight than arriving at your destination with a back pain. This pillow is recommended by so many people and is so light, I’m sure it’s great!​

RFID Safe Wallets​

These RFID-safe wallets are not only very useful but also very pretty, high quality, and budget-friendly. Of course, you can choose the perfect colors for your beloved couple who travels.​

Portable Multitool​

There’s no one, in this world, that has never needed a multifunctional tool while on a trip. You can consider it the first aid kit for non-health problems. You cannot go wrong with this present.​

Portable Cutlery Sets​

If you know they are environmentally conscious, this cutlery set is the perfect gift for travel couples. It contains everything you might need in a nicely designed zipped case, for easier storage and transportation.​

Microfiber Towels​

These quick dry, microfiber towels are perfect for plenty of travel types, like camping, yoga retreats, swimming, or backpacking. Bonus: they are very lightweight and take up less space in the luggage!

Hammock for Two​

If there’s any image of the perfect vacation we all share, it’s the one with a hammock that offers you a beautiful view of The Maldives. Check out this hammock for two that might make your friends enjoy that dream and make you jealous.​

Beach Towels​

Everyone loves the beach, but no one loves the beach that appears at home after you’re back from your vacation. With this sand-free, quick-drying towel, this problem will be gone and you’ll only remember the waves.​

Hand Sanitizer​

I know, this gift sounds boring and unappealing, but hear me out. What’s a better love sign for anyone than taking care of their health? With so many germs on a plane, this is, by far, one of the most useful gifts for couples.​

Apple AirTag

One of the most useful items lately, as there has been a huge increase in lost or delayed luggage. I’m absolutely sure your friends will find it useful to be able to track their bags and help the airport authorities find it easier.

High-Quality Watch​

A good electronic watch is a must when traveling, as it adjusts to time zones, leaving you without the headache of remembering this while jet lagged. Check out these options!​

Compression Socks

I know this is yet another not-so-sexy option, but more and more people realize how important it is to take care of you while flying, especially for long-haul flights. This is a must-have!​

Natural Solid Cosmetics​

I am a big fan of Ethique and Lush shampoo and conditioner bars as they’re not only very high quality but also reduce your carbon footprint.​ I call this a win-win!

Printable Travel Planner and Journal - one of the perfect gifts for travel couples

Travel Planner & Journal

A travel planner is a great gift for any traveling couple as they surely spend a lot of time organizing their trips. If they’re the pen-and-paper type of people, check this one out!​

Trello board travel planner - best gift for a travelling couple

Trello Travel Planner​

If they’re more digitally aware, this digital travel planner is perfect for them. It’s easy to use, can be shared and customized across devices, and can be reused as many times as needed.​

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Wedding gifts for traveling couples – electronics​

If you can really splurge for this gift, there are plenty of awesome ideas for travel gifts for newlyweds. But there are also more budget-friendly options, so check out the whole section to find something that fits.


Selfie Stick

Car Charger

Universal Adapter

Splitter Mic Cable

Power Bank

Portable HDD

ANR Headphones


Instant Camera

Portable Speaker


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