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Have your accommodation chosen for all the stops across Japan, without having to sell a kidney.

Know exactly what to see in Japan, the good hot springs, activities, and hidden gems you must see.

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Know exactly what to pack so you don’t end up having to go shopping in a country you don’t know.

All of this is available in this travel guide and much more!

And who am I to teach you how to travel to Iceland? Well, not so long ago I was also a woman with a dream to visit Japan. And I took this dream, worked hard, read everything there was to read, asked a few local friends, went there, did ALL the things, and gathered all the information about Japan in a complete travel guide.

After visiting Japan and validating my content, after setting up maps, Trello boards, and lost nights of sleep to be sure everything is to the point, I now feel confident to help others enjoy this fantastic destination. You will love Japan, there’s no doubt about it, but you can get to enjoy it more if you plan this trip with ease.

Mount Fuji is the most iconic view you can enjoy while in Japan. Nothing in the world compares to seeing this beauty of nature up close. This view was a dream come true for me, and I hope it will be the same for you.
A milion dollar view to Mount Fuji. The best things in life are, in fact, free.

This 100+ page travel guide contains:

  • detailed day-by-day plan – so you can plan with ease
  • accommodation options – so you can choose wisely
  • tours you can take – only the ones worth it!
  • day trip ideas – you get to pick what appeals to you the most
  • customizable Google Maps collection – so you can plug-and-play your trip
  • a huge list of things to do – so you can choose what fits you
  • a comprehensive list of things to know – so you feel prepared when you arrive
  • a collection of tips, facts, and advice regarding driving and renting a car – to keep you safe
  • a collection of myths about Japan (and whether they’re true or not) – to have some fun before you leave
  • experiencing the geisha culture – be prepared to be able to enjoy this awesome experience
  • a step-by-step guide about using the public transportation – never fear you’ll embarrass yourself
  • a packing list with all the essentials – never forget anything this way
  • a list of helpful resources not only for this trip but for any other vacation you may plan

Bonus: Entry fees list, 2023 edition


  • teaches you how to plan your trip like a pro
  • these tips and advice are personally tested by me, so I know for sure they WORK
  • the information in this guide applies to most types of travelers
  • discount codes are included so you can save a bit on your budget as well
  • you don’t waste time reading a lot of online information and hoping to find something that you can trust
  • there’s at least one activity and one accommodation option to apply to any situation
Japan travel guide - neat features


  • table of contents that’ are’s linked to the pages (for easier navigation)
  • interactive and customizable maps you can use while in Iceland
  • can be used digitally as an eBook or printed
  • budget-friendly as you’re not buying a physical item
  • no waiting time for delivery – INSTANT download so you can start planning right away
  • very easy to print and use
  • contains plenty of helpful information all in one place
  • you don’t waste time looking for the information yourself


Some of them yes, but definitely not all of them. There are some that for sure you cannot find anywhere else. And there’s no other place where you can find them everything together. You can usually find a few on each site, and you’d have to read hundreds of online resources.

Yes, “because” you’re on a budget, not “in spite of” being on a budget. This small investment that you’re doing right now will help you spend less in the future trip, so it will pay for itself rather soon.

With over 7 years of experience in traveling on self-organized trips, I can say for sure that I’m your best bet when it comes to Japan travel advice. My experience in travel, combined with my IT background get me a way of giving you loads of information in bite-sized chunks so you can organize your trip without feeling overwhelmed.

Yes, you will. These discounts are personally negotiated by me with various service providers and are only available here. I am always in contact with travel-facing organizations so I can offer you better value and information.

Sure! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Just drop me a line on my contact page.

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