Gifts made from airplane parts perfect for aviation lovers in 2023

Searching for the perfect present for an aviation lover? Whether it’s for a pilot, flight attendant, or just an aircraft enthusiast, there are plenty of gifts made from airplane parts that your aviation fan will love. As an employee in the aviation industry, I can absolutely share with you the best gifts you can offer to your favorite aviation enthusiast.

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Top gifts made from airplane parts at a glance

#1 Top Pick ⭐️
Airplane Window Clock - One of the best gifts from airplane parts you can offer to a pilot or flight attendant


Window Clock

✅ Beautiful design

✅ Gorgeous finish

✅ Authentic Boeing 747

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Best for him
Cufflinks hand made from aircraft parts - the perfect gift for your aviation enthusiast


✅ Unique, hand-made design

✅ Limited edition materials

✅ F-16 Fighter Jet Engine

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best for her
Ring made from airplane parts



✅ Beautiful hand-made design

✅ Made of titanium, very resistant

✅ F-16 Fighting Falcon jet

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If you’re in a hurry and would love an easy solution, check out both my lists of favorite shops and products from Etsy. They both contain hand-picked gift ideas for aviation lovers and can give you a good overview of your options.

Find here the perfect gift for your budget

Gifts made from airplane parts under 50$

Looking for the perfect present for your pilot boyfriend or husband or for your aviation enthusiast girlfriend? Here are some great recommendations for unique recycled airplane gifts that will make any aviation collector happy and won’t break the bank.

Key chain from aircraft skin


These plane tags come from real airplane skin and can be used to ID your luggage, keys, or anything else really.

Beautiful keychain made from aircraft fuselage

Keychain from fuselage skin

This fuselage skin keychain is a handmade gift that any aviation lover will adore due to being totally imperfect.

Heart shaped necklace charm made from airplane parts

Aircraft skin necklace

This ball chain necklace and charm are a unique alternative to any store-bought jewelry you may find, and any flight attendant will prefer this any time of the day.

Industrial Necklace

Industrial gear necklace

This gear steampunk necklace can be given as a gift to any pilot or flight attendant as it uses real authentic airplane parts that have flown at huge altitudes.

Tornado engine fan blade

Tornado engine fan blade

This decor element comes not only with a gift box but also with some awesome history behind it. It has seen twice the speed of sound and it will be twice more appreciated.

Gifts for aviation lovers between 50$ – 100$

Old airplane parts can be the base for really cool furniture or airplane decor elements that can become gorgeous aviation gifts. Check out these ideas for a mid-range budget and take your pick!

Huge keychain

This huge keychain is a fun gift to give to any aviation enthusiast. It’s made out of a General Electric J79 Turbojet Engine and can be customized as you wish.

Decorative pen and pencil holder from airplane parts

Pen & pencil holder

There’s no such thing as a person without the need for a pen and pencil holder, and this is tru for any aviation enthusiast as well. Check out this one made out of an engine piston.

Candle Holder made from a hydraulic piston

Hydraulic piston candle holder

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Yes, this decorative candle holder comes from a hydraulic piston and it makes for a beautiful aviation decor item any aviation enthusiast will love

Cufflinks hand made from aircraft parts

Titanium turbine blade cufflinks

Beautiful, elegant, and with a story. What more can you want from a single pair of cufflinks? Made from titanium by a passionate craftsman, this one-of-a-kind jewelry will impress anyone.

Propeller Candle Holder

Propeller candle holder

Yes, another one. You might think I’m into candles after you read this. But this gift is not only unique, but it’s also a limited edition, so go grab it while you can! Your beloved aviation fan will thank you.

Gifts for airplane lovers between 100$ – 500$

Sometimes, you can afford to spend more on a gift. For the people out there looking for something more special for their beloved aviation fans, here are a few ideas for aviation decor and furniture made from aircraft parts.

Widow Fighter Plane Piston Clock

Desk clock

This industrial modern desk clock was created using an authentic 1940’s WWII Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp Radial Engine Piston and it’s going to look absolutely awesome in any home or office.

Ring made from airplane parts

Ring made from airplane parts

This gorgeous ring is made from a titanium turbine blade used in a military airplane. It looks like any other piece of jewelry, but the story it has makes it a special gift, especially if used as a wedding ring.

Airplane Window Clock - One of the best gifts from airplane parts you can offer to a pilot or flight attendant

Airplane window clock

This elegant-looking clock is crafted with such talent that it fits any office or home. It also comes with the history of the aircraft where it comes from, which makes it quite unique.

Bag Tag made from aircraft skin limited edition

Plane skin luggage tag

This limited edition tag is made from genuine aluminum skin from a military aircraft with an amazing history. The unique design makes it a must for any collector.

Desk Clock

Industrial design desk clock

I know, quite a lot of clocks in this list. But if you want to give your retiring boss a unique piece, this desk clock is both beautiful and practical, making it a special gift.

Luxury recycled airplane gifts over 500$

If you can really splurge for this gift, plenty of beautifully designed pieces are available. They don’t only give a luxurious look to any home or office, but they will be cherished by your aviation enthusiast as the unique pieces of art they are.

Dining Table

Dining table

This exquisite dining table is made from a JT8 guide vane that powered multiple aircraft types. It looks great as a combination of elegant and industrial look. It’s one of the best airplane parts for sale decoration items.

Chair made from upcycled aircraft seat

Office chair

I never knew I wanted this until I saw it! Made out of materials with a very long life (as they are intensively used in an aircraft), this chair will make your home office look nice and shiny. For sure it will be a conversation starter!

Wall Art with Two Airplane Windows

Wall art

Who here loves the window view while on a flight? Who doesn’t, am I right? Well, you can have your own customized view if you have this wall art piece made from airplane parts.

Coffee Table

Coffee table

Beautiful, elegant, and with a story. What more can you want from a coffee table made from aircraft parts? This beautiful airplane-engine coffee table will become the centerpiece of any home.

Aircraft Window Wall Bar

Window bar

This is truly an exquisite piece of furniture that will make a home or office look absolutely amazing. Imagine having this awesome piece of wall art in your living room, what a great conversation starter!

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