Fantastic travel gifts – 90+ perfect gift ideas for travelers in 2023

Do you have that one friend who is always traveling, constantly telling you about their next or past trips? Do you always struggle with gift ideas for them, as you are not exactly the traveling type? Or maybe you are, but you’re just out of ideas after so many years. Say no more, I’ve got you covered. Check out this awesome list of fantastic travel gifts and get some perfect gift ideas for travelers! I am exactly that friend myself so I truly know what they want.

Yes, it’s true guys, there might be affiliate links in this awesome, free post. This means that if you decide to buy something that you find here, and you use one of my links to do so, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I plan to use this money on ice cream, chocolate, and to travel more so I can write these useful guides for you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

No time to read the whole post? This is the number #1 rated gift for travelers in 2023: A set of Samsonite rolling suitcases. Stick to a black set, to be sure they can use it no matter what. And read my full review here, if you want to know more about this product. Or order it now from Amazon or their website.

Want the best presents for people who love to travel?

  • GoPro is the best gift for adventurous people
  • A set of Apple AirTags is the perfect practical gift
  • A Tinggly gift box is a great way to make them happy
  • A piece of wall art is perfect for a cozy homemaker
  • An Apple Watch is the most practical gift for travelers worldwide

Fun travel gifts

Most people, when thinking about Christmas presents, think of offering something fun to their loved ones. Unless you’re a grandma, but then it’s easy, you just buy socks. Kidding, of course, not all grandmas are the same, I just had some flashbacks of my Christmas mornings.

These fun travel gifts range from really affordable to more high-end, and they guarantee they’ll be liked by all types of travelers. Who can say “no” to an ancestry DNA kit or a travel photo album? (these are, by coincidence, my absolute favorite items in this category) Check out the options below and take your pick!

DNA kit

Travel Notebook

Coloring book

Playing cards

Piggy bank

Travel challenges

Fantastic travel gifts – decoration items

Most people who love to travel have a way of reminding them of their passion. They either collect souvenirs from every destination, order food or coffee from their favorite places, or find a way to decorate their houses accordingly.

Check out the ideas below, as you’ll definitely find something for your traveling friend or spouse at any price point. I am personally a big fan of unique items from Etsy (you can find them in the list below), but the coffee table book is a great way to spark joy and start awesome conversations.

My favorite item in this category? I’d say the Atlas of Beauty. It’s a great way to see that beauty is different wherever you go, and it’s more of an inside quality than an outside one. It’s a great book to open people up more.

Coffee table book

Tree ornament

Treasure chest

Subscriptions and gift cards for traveling people

We have learned lately that nothing is sure anymore. For this reason, gift cards and subscriptions are one of the best gift ideas for anyone, not only travelers, as the receiver can decide by themselves how and when to use them. Check out these options from Amazon, and some more personal options below!

Goals app - presentation and benefits

Goals App – built by travelers, for travelers

If you want to give them something small, but nice and fun, the Goals App, developed by a fellow blogger is really what you need. It comes with a gift voucher you can show up with, so you don’t feel like you’re coming empty-handed.

Awesome travel books

Most travelers are avid readers. Maybe it’s the thirst for knowledge or the time spent in airplanes with limited entertainment, or maybe the need to read hundreds of travel blogs to prepare for any trip. I cannot really put my finger on it, but I know for sure there’s a high chance your favorite traveler will love some books. Check out the options below and choose the perfect stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life!

Ultimate travel list

1000 places to see

100 drives

Practical travel gifts

No matter how much you think the traveler in your life is only dreaming, I can assure you they have to be very practical as well. You cannot really organize and enjoy international trips if you don’t have some much-needed items.

The options provided below are great for any traveler. You will find water bottles, beach towels, luggage, and pillows. I’m sure there’s something here for every gift giver and receiver.

My favorite item from this category? Well, the Chilly’s bottles, of course. I have precisely two of them and have been using them for about 5 years. Apart from some small dents because I dropped them, they work amazingly well, look stylish, and really keep my water ice cold, and my baby’s water extremely hot for a very long time.

Day-to-day gems – perfect travel gift ideas

Collapsible water bottle

Insulated water bottle

UV Purifier Water filter

Light towels

Light hammock

Beach towel

Coffee mug

Sturdy umbrella

Rain jacket

Great presents for frequent flyers

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a frequent flyer, then these hand-picked options are very practical ideas. It might seem weird to give someone socks for Christmas, but trust me, keeping them warm and healthy on a flight will be definitely appreciated.

My recommendation from this category is compression socks, no matter how stupid it sounds. I have had a medical-grade pair since I was pregnant and I still use them. My legs have never been swollen due to a flight ever since.

Compression Socks

Travel Blanket

Neck Travel Pillow

Travel Eye Mask

Luggage, purses, and bags

There’s a saying in the aviation world: the only one being nice to your luggage is yourself. So if you’re planning to refresh your loved one’s travel luggage and accessories, check out the options below for some fantastic travel gift ideas.

My personal favorite? The Samsonite B-Lite Icon Spinner! I love it so much I have written a full review of it, which you can read here. The simplest thing you can never go wrong with? I’d say the packing cubes. They’re so versatile there’s virtually no way to be wrong about this.

Samsonite Bag

Stylish Backpack

Business Backpack

Luggage scale

TSA Special lock

Smart Luggage Tag

Scarf with pocket

RFID organizer

Anti-theft purse

Packing cubes

Toiletries bag

Cable organizer

Toiletries and accessories

Especially if your travel fan is trying to help the environment or at least travel light, this is the section you’re interested in. I have chosen some small, but important items they need in order to spend less on checked luggage.

Don’t minimize the impact of a DIY accessories box! The items listed below are quite small and might seem unimportant, but you can collect more of them (and include other items from this list as well) and create a personalized travel kit. Your friend will definitely appreciate your effort!

My favorite item? The Ethique products, as they’re so nice with my hair I cannot believe it. But if you have no idea what they need, go with the reusable containers; there’s always a need for those.

No waste cutlery set

Reusable containers

Solid cosmetics

Sewing kit

Solid toothpaste

Jewelry box


First aid kit

Electronics – best travel essentials gift ideas

No matter how technologically challenged are your loved ones, they must use some sort of electronic device while traveling. I mean, apart from their phone, they for sure need some big and small travel items if they want to have a good trip.

The list below gives you lots of options, at any price point, so you can plan your gift-giving season accordingly. I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your friend’s needs and your wallet’s limits, so check them out and start shopping!

My recommendation: Ugh, it’s so hard to choose in this category, as all items are really nice. I’d say maybe the ANR headphones if they fly a lot, a GoPro if they’re very active, or a plug adapter if you’re on a budget.

GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Battery Set

GoPro MicroSD

Smartphone Lens

Apple Smart Watch

Kindle eReader

Waterproof Case

Multi Car Charger

ANR headphones

Solar Charger

Portable Power Bank

Universal Plug Adapter

Phone Accessories

Instant Camera

Ultralight Drone

Best travel gifts for him

It’s sometimes weird to choose gifts specifically for him or for her. Let’s be honest here, everyone should have a multitool while traveling, and a whiskey decanter can be a good addition to anyone’s home. So take these recommendations with a grain of salt, and focus more on what fits best for the receiver of your gift than on the gender of the person.

Tie Case

Travel Jacket

Whiskey Set


Awesome travel gifts for her

I know, I know, no one would choose the urination device as a great travel gift for women. But I can tell you most women would LOVE to have something like this, even if they don’t even know it exists. Having to use all types of dirty toilets is the worst part of traveling, and we’d love to be able to avoid it.

Airplane Earrings

Urination Device

Personal Alarm

Make-up Brush Set

Fantastic travel gifts – the takeaway

I hope this gift guide has helped you with your decision. And I hope you have plenty of ideas to keep your life simple for a few birthdays and Christmases from now on. But I will add to this post once I have more ideas, so bookmark it for later and circle back to it once you’re looking for some fantastic travel gifts again.

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