Babyzen Yoyo+ review – The best stroller for air travel

I have always been the backpack type of person, never being able to travel with just a purse for my valuables. But this changed completely since I became a parent last year, as I need more things for my kid than for me now, and I also have to buy all kinds of new gear. Thanks to this, I can now offer you this Babyzen Yoyo+ review, so you can know if it’s the best stroller for air travel.

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Once I started to gather information about baby gear, I discovered an entirely new world I had no idea existed. Travel systems, bassinets, all-terrain baby prams – all these terms were so new and confusing. If you haven’t, open your Amazon baby registry now so you’ll find an easier way to handle all of this.

I bought an ABC Design as our main stroller as it had great reviews all around. But I soon realized this is just not usable while traveling. Although very comfortable and durable, it barely leaves any room in our car and it would be a drag to use it while away. No matter how much you fold it, it’s always bulky. In the end, it’s like a small car for your baby.

This is where the Babyzen Yoyo stroller comes into play. This sport, easily collapsible baby pram is what any parent with a passion for air travel dreams about. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold a 17 kg baby (or even a 20 kg one for the Babyzen Yoyo 2), you can push it with one finger, and it’s pretty comfortable for the kid.

All of my life I have never understood the point of paying a little bit more for a quality product. I would always say “This cheaper version is the same but cheaper”. Well, it’s never quite true though, is it? The cheaper version never really looks the same, works the same, or lasts the same. More often, all three apply.

So let me be straight with you. I know this product is far from being the budget option. I also know it has plenty of benefits, but ultimately it is your decision if it’s a good fit for you or not. In the end, you’re going to be the one to use it. So check out this short list and see if you fit the bill.

The Babyzen Yoyo+ travel stroller is for you if:

My son in his perfect stroller for air travel
  • you are willing to invest a bigger budget
  • you like to carry as little as possible while traveling
  • you like being able to use one hand when pushing your baby’s pram
  • you’d prefer to take the baby pram with you in the cabin instead of checking it like luggage
  • you like a high-quality product that will last for what seems like forever
  • you travel a lot as a family
  • you travel to mostly paved places
  • your baby is pretty low maintenance: he can sleep anywhere, anytime

The Babyzen Yoyo+ is NOT for you if:

  • You need to fit a lot of stuff in your stroller
  • you just want a day-to-day stroller (this could still work if you only use it in the city)
  • you prefer to have a full travel system everywhere with you
  • you travel mostly by car
  • you are very budget-conscious
  • your baby is pretty sensitive and can only sleep while lying flat or if the ride is smooth

What do I personally like about this stroller? Where do I even begin? The first time I was impressed was when I managed to get to the airport using trams, buses, and trains while pushing the baby stroller with one hand and a huge Samsonite B-lite Spinner with the other. The Samsonite is my other favorite travel item, you can read my detailed review here.

But when it won me over was when I visited Portugal. If you like cobblestone streets, Portugal is the place for you. They have this everywhere, on all streets, pavements, and even in metro stations! Plus, everything is uphill and downhill. Just check out these pictures! Look at the pavement in ALL of them!

I literally promised that if our stroller survives this, I will write a review about it. So, here we are. Plus, I promised I would tell about it to everyone willing to hear me. I am impressed! I mean, just look at the pictures of those streets and tell me it’s not amazing that we came back with it in one piece.

The other thing I love a lot about it is that you can take it in the cabin with you. This makes your life so much easier as you don’t have to check your stroller and wait for it at the destination. Plus, I have heard so many stories about strollers being retrieved broken or dirty that I don’t want to think about it.

What I don’t like that much? The limited coverage my baby gets from the sun. The protection is so limited, that you most probably cannot avoid buying the matching umbrella. Also, it doesn’t lie flat, so you have to take this into account if your baby needs a horizontal position to sleep.

This is just a small part of all the cool things that make Yoyo+ Babyzen the best stroller for air travel. Check out these other benefits and features below!


  • very easy to push around, even for a long time
  • it has SPF sun protection for your baby
  • very durable, will last longer
  • holds children up to 17 kg (or 20 for the Yoyo2)
  • holds up even in bad terrain
  • very light so it’s easy for anyone to carry with a padded strap
  • compact when folded so it’s accepted in most airplanes
  • everything is machine washable
  • the handle, although made of foam, is very resistant
  • available in a wide range of colors
  • can be also ordered for small babies with the 0+ insert
  • can be used together with any rolling suitcase, especially the B-lite Spinner


  • 2 areas to deposit your stuff
    • a zippered pocket
    • a storage area between the wheels
  • comfortable handle
  • easily accessible brake
  • holds children up to 17 kg
  • easy to fold and unfold, can be done even with one hand
  • has a padded top handle and shoulder strap for comfortable use
  • 5 point adjustable seatbelt straps


There are also a few disadvantages that I would like to include in my Babyzen Yoyo+ review as well, as I believe in honest reviews (maybe the website name was an indication of that, right?). If you see that any of these things are high on your priority list, do yourself a favor and look for a different product.

For petite people like myself, the stroller is perfect. However the handle is not adjustable, and this might be a problem for taller people. I know this is a feature that is rarely included in foldable strollers though as it’s hard to implement if you’re aiming for a small product.

Also, it won’t hold up very nicely if used on bad terrain every day. If you do it once in a while when you travel, it’s alright. But if you live somewhere with cobblestones on every street, look for a bigger baby pram as this won’t do. They have partially improved this in the Yoyo2 with the better suspension, but it still cannot be as good as a full-blown stroller.

If your baby needs a perfectly horizontal surface to sleep on, then sadly this is not the pram for you. It does recline quite a bit, but not until perfectly flat. My kid slept even while walking on those streets so I’d say I’m pretty lucky in this regard.

Yoyo+ or Yoyo2?

The old question: would you like an update on your product? Well, tough call. I have the Yoyo+ and am very happy with it. The improvements you can find in the Yoyo2 are the following:

  • holds up to 20 kg (compared to 17)
  • all-wheel suspension
  • faux leather handle
  • safety strap on the handlebar
  • improved harness buckle

The only difference that I would personally pay for would be the suspension, as it adds comfort for my son. The other ones I can either live without or implement myself with a 2$ adjustment (like the safety strap). But I don’t think the Yoyo+ will be available any longer, in Europe it has been stopped already and I think it will be stopped in the US as well.

Stroller or travel system?

Another good question, especially if you plan to have it as a first stroller. For a travel stroller, the added cost for the 0+ bassinet and car seat adapters is not worth it, in my opinion, as you will use them maybe a few times. The car adapters only work with certain car seats anyway so you limit yourself regarding this as well.

But if you intend to buy it as your primary stroller, then, by all means, take the full set. You cannot put your 3-month-old in this without the bassinet, and the car seat adapters become a must. In the long run, it will be much cheaper than having two strollers anyway so it’s worth the investment.

Are any of the accessories a “must-have”?

Just a few, I would say. The footmuff is important if you live in colder climates, and the footrest is nice as well, especially when your little one is sleeping.

The other ones mostly depend on you. We also have the small parasol because I want to avoid chemical sunscreen on my son as much as possible, and I wanted the coffee cup holder as well (“bottle holder” they call it but let’s be honest here, we need coffee and we need it now).

The mosquito net and rain cover you can probably buy from other stores, you’ll just have to be sure they match at least decently. But what you need the most is the stroller bag or cover, as they will not let you on the flight without it. So even the flimsy thing you get when ordering the stroller is better than nothing.

If you have two children, the Babyzen Yoyo board becomes very useful, and the sturdy nature of the pram is strong enough to keep them both happy. And, of course, it’s nice that you have a wide range of color packs to choose from.

Baby Pram

Reviews from other customers

I know you can easily find reviews online on Amazon and other places, but these are reviews from people I personally know, so I can vouch for them.

The first review I have is from a friend who has bought Yoyo2 as a third stroller. The first was a Kinderkraft, the second was what I call the Porsche of strollers, UppaBaby, and the third was Yoyo2. Now, she was extremely unlucky with the Kinderkraft as the seller lost part of the pram on delivery, it got to her late, and it was all incredibly stressful for a soon-to-be-mother.

The UppaBaby is amazing though, I have tried it myself as well. It glides on the streets, it actually moves as easily and effortlessly as the Yoyo but is incredibly heavy. On the other side, of course, it’s very comfortable, it would be like comparing a limousine car to a Fiat 500. We would all prefer a limousine until we have to drive in Rome, where a Fiat 500 is the way to go.

The Yoyo2 is for them their daily stroller now, especially as their toddler is mostly walking by himself already. Carrying around a huge pram that’s mostly empty is not very comfortable.

NYC skyline view, an important part of this Yoyo+ Babyzen review

Now, the other story is from a friend of mine who lives in NYC (yes, Yoyo+ Babyzen has been to NYC as well). When she saw us, the first thing she said was “OMG you have the Yoyo stroller, you have made a great decision!”. It might sound surprising, but she has a back story.

When they were getting ready for her daughter to arrive, they were looking at travel strollers. Yoyo seemed extremely expensive, she said she wouldn’t pay up to $1.000 for a stroller they don’t use that much (spoiler alert, they travel more often than most people). After $2.000 spent on 3-4 other strollers over the course of 2 years, because all of them would break, they finally caved and bought Yoyo+.

Their life has changed since then. When I asked if I could go on the Highline with my kid in the pram, she said “You have a Yoyo, I think you can even go on the moon with it!”. This is how big of a fan she is. Her only regret is not buying it earlier and spending all that money and stress on lower-quality products.

Babyzen Yoyo+ review – The takeaway

What more can I add to this Babyzen Yoyo+ review? If it was not already clear by now, I love it! My world has been rocked since I discovered that you can, in fact, travel easily with your baby. If you would like to do the same, what are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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